Corrprohk - corrosion engineering

Our core services

Corrosion Engineering Training
Corrosion Protection Service
Corrosion Problem Investigation
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We provide a full range of corrosion engineering classroom training, such as how to

  • corrosion science and fundamental corrosion forms
  • design to reduce corrosion risks,
  • select the proper materials to improve corrosion resistance
  • protective coating technology and pros and cons; and
  • electro-chemical corrosion protection technology

We provide engineering service to combat corrosion problems, such as:

  • install electro-chemical corrosion protection system - cathodic protection, anodic protection, chloride extration etc.
  • apply protective coating system - (surface preparation, coating application, inspection and certification)
  • apply corrosion inhibitors to eliminate hidden corrosions such as crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and integranular corrosion.

We provide a wide range Non-Destructive Inspection and testing service such as:

  • corrosion problems in buried metals (pipes and rebars).
  • coating failures
  • corrosion under coatings or insulations